Specialization / Expertise


National Distribution & Imports

A KEY area of FOCUS; seen as a great contributor in the Future Portfolio of the Group getting the right products to the right consumers and businesse across INDIA via the right locations, channel partners and support team. This verticle of the Group is engaged in steadfastly investing into Brand Building, Infrastructure and Teams, with the aim to be at the forefront of the Industry, in this fast changing environment of GREAT Opportunity in Retail and Food Services.
With over 75 years of experience in various sectors ranging from sourcing, hotels, and manufacturing through to market research, exports, distribution and sales & marketing; in 2009, the company, made its foray into offering Premium Quality Imported Foods to the consumers via various Retail (Modern & Traditional) as well as Foods Services Channels in India. All partners, spread across all 29 States, are serviced via the Companies National Network of Distribution Partners (as well as via a Direct-to-Partners Model), Regional and Local Sales Team and Company owned Regional Distribution Centers.
In addition to this, owing to the recent Changing in the Government Food Regulatory Requirements (Food Safety Standards Authority of India), the Company have developed close relations with one of the leading Food Regulatory Organization: i2i and their Food Business Operator Advisory Arm: SmartFBO; which has strongly assisted in preventing any surprises on Product Compliances in this ever changing / adapting Regulatory FrameWork.

Imports & National Distribution


Regional Distribution – Kerala

With a strong existing base, the JOHARS Group operates on behalf of some of the largest national and multi-national companies in the Country. We owe our success largely to the process of information management, personal involvement and relationships which enables us to provide a vital edge in our value chain.
With bright prospects and a keen focus on setting up distribution in the global market, the future looks extremely promising.

Sales & Marketing

At JOHARS Group, our marketing plan covers an extensive location and market research, identifying target customer groups and potential competitors, brand/product positioning of the product or service that we are selling, along with distribution and promoting.


The JOHARS Group has experience in manufacturing by being involved in third party manufacturing since 1991 with Unilever India as well as under its own Brand.
Our product experience lies in the manufacturing of chemicals, toothpaste, ketchup, concentrated juices, detergents and other cleaning agents such as Floor Washing Powder, Floor Washing Liquid, Dish Washing Powder, Dish Washing Liquid.


“JOHARS” has become a well known local brand name and are currently consolidating and expanding the sizeable market share that they own in this market segment.

Contract Manufacturing for M/S Hindustan Unilever

Division of Production and R&D Expertise:


An Interesting part of the Group, Highly FOCUSED on its Operations, we partner in managing Retail Franchise Stores; having won awards for the best managed stores in the network as well as category of operations.

Sourcing & Trading

The Group is steadily developing select relations across National and Overseas Territories with partner offices spread across the Asian markets, offering sourcing and distribution opportunities to its current and new alliances.


As one of the youngest companies in the Group, iResearch Services is in the ForeFront as one of the Industry Dominant players in Data Gathering and Lead Generation across Geographies, having won a number of International awards as recognition for the outstanding achievements by its Team.


Warehousing and Wareshousing Management has been an integral part of the Groups National and State specific Distribution Operations.


The Group has been operating a charitable hospital and a temple in Coimbatore South India since its Inception by Late Rai Sahib Krishnanlal Johar; and has recently tied-up with a leading Educational Insitution.
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