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Motivated by heritage, Determined to achieve greatness.

The saga began over 75 years ago with the establishment of pioneering ventures in hospitality services by the late Rai Sahib Krishnanlal Johar. His remarkable vision, legendary business acumen, and innate entrepreneurial skills led the Group to diversify into various business channels.
Today, Mr. Pravesh Johar leads the Group, receiving valuable support from two equally intrepid next-generation family members. They collectively spearhead all activities, uphold the hard-earned goodwill, and propel JOHARS to become a formidable force in their strategic fields of business.
Presently, the Group’s business primarily focuses on Imports & Distribution, International Trade, Sales & Marketing in selective industries, Consumer Goods, Telecom, Fashion, Spirits, Entertainment, and Business Support Services.


To Achieve our Mission by astutely adhering to our founding principles, professionalism and exceptional service.


Our goal is to excel in our business sectors as the preferred partner, driving market expansion, new product launches, and brand building to their fullest potential.
Innovating Solutions, Inspiring Change

Meet Our Team

Managing Director

Pravesh Pratap Johar

With a B.A. in Economics (Hons) from St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi, and an MBA in Marketing from Hayward University, California, Pravesh has led the Group for over three decades as its Managing Director.
He played a pivotal role in the establishment of the 3P manufacturing and packaging enterprise for Unilever in Kolar and Coimbatore, and also in the Distilling partnership with UGAR Sugar Works Limited in Kerala.
Mr. Johar has been closely engaged in orchestrating and steering the group’s nascent ventures, overseeing their evolution into the domains of National Distribution and Retail. He has remained unwavering in upholding the family’s cherished values of zeal, ethical bedrock, communal support, and perpetual learning.

Madhukar Johar

Upon attaining his MBA in Finance from the University of Dallas, and completing specialized coursework in New Business Development from the University of Bocconi, Madhukar dedicated over two years to honing his expertise in Small and Medium Enterprise M&A Finance. In 2001, he embarked on a transformative journey by joining the Family Business.
Since the start, Madhukar has adeptly overseen and fortified the group’s longstanding domestic operations. His profound engagement extended to pioneering ventures, steering the group’s forays into novel projects, and orchestrating the seamless integration of the group into a realm of new opportunities.
Throughout this dynamic trajectory, he has remained steadfast in safeguarding the business’s foundational tenets: an unwavering ardor, an ethos of equitability, and the nurturing of shared advantage.

Rahul Johar

Rahul has a Master’s degree of Science from the esteemed University of Leeds and securing a Professional Certification from The London School of Economics, Rahul embarked on an impactful journey. He embarked on his professional path as the Managing Director of Westminster Business Consultants, a renowned ‘Student’ Market Research & Consulting Firm in London. It was here that he began his remarkable journey, overseeing and guiding operations.
Transitioning to new horizons, Rahul ventured into the Alternative Health and Fund-Raising Sector, leaving his imprint through substantial involvement. His efforts extended to championing the cause of fostering entrepreneurial spirit amongst students across the United Kingdom.
Drawing from his educational and corporate insights acquired in the UK, Rahul made a pivotal decision in 2006 to join the Family Group. His strategic ascent within this venerable 75-year-old FAMILY Business has been nothing short of remarkable. With unwavering dedication, he has navigated various facets of the organization, steadily ascending through its ranks.
Currently, Rahul stands at the helm of the Imports and National Distribution ‘Business Unit,’ a testament to his visionary leadership. Guided by a team of accomplished senior leaders stationed strategically across key Indian cities, he continues to steer the Group towards new pinnacles of success.

Why Choose Johar ?

Big enough to Deliver, Small enough to Care !

With over 75 years of experience in INDIA, the JOHARS Group has not only been able to develop and maintain successfull corporate-associations with several Multi National, National and local Companies, but also continues to be an attravtive and reliable partner for both established and new market entrants.

The JOHARS Group was built on the solid foundation of family values.

The JOHARS Group is managed and run by qualified professionals with experience in various industries and markets. The level of trust, reliability and delivery is unmatched, as is the level of passion and dedication which is initiated right from the Management and Executive teams.

” Enriching relationships by creating value “

The JOHARS Group is Still a closely held family-run business, which believes in the importance of age-old values and good ethics in business, with the added modern imperative of speed of implementation.
The Group blends this intrinsic nature with its global expertise in business, gained through years of corporate experience of its Directors in Europe, USA and Asia as well as over 75 years of local/ on-the-ground experience in India.
This has enabled them to deliver superior performance in diverse cultural environments, and consistently ensure highest satisfaction levels.
This unique ability has created a solid reputation and goodwill for the Group, wherever it operates. With a philosophy oriented towards building lasting bonds, through identifying common goals and working towards fulfilling them, the JOHARS Group is focussed on enriching its relationships with utmost value.
With a strong ethical foundation and fairness in operation, the group continuously strives to be better partners in business and work in close relationships with organisations:
The direction of the company has been set by its founder; enhanced by succeeding generations with the basic foundation being the same – offering a superior quality experience and a better relation in the value chain.

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